Black Wood

Written and directed by Wesley Sijbers

Year of production:2017
Running time: 2:51


Fester A horror short.

Written & Directed by Guido Coppis
With Catalijn Willemsen & Polly Bouten

Year of production: 2016
running time: 8:00
Shot on an A7s with Rokinon and Canon lenses.

1st AD & Editor: Grover Blom
Composer: Tjeerd Nijhof
Sound Design: Milan Wijnmaalen
DOP: Wesley Sijbers
Steadicam: Lemar Punte
Handheld Camera: Tiemen van Dijk
Gaffer: Dennis Claessens
Production Manager: Ronald van Essen
1st AC: Thijs Bronts
Make- Up: Evita Feltsadas
BTS & Grip: Rinke Blom

Artistic Dictatorship (2016)

Director: Gor Aroevic
DOP: Svetlana Petrikovec
AD: Fabio Bourgault
Producer: Mari Kriis
Music: Shalan Alhamwy

NFFS 2015 Leader
Max Everett, EMAX Productions

Year of production: 2015
Running Time: 15:42
Color / Sound / Special effects / Dutch

Right before the National Film Festival for high schools in the Netherlands is started mysterious disapearences start to happen. Talent gets abducted by aliens who mindcontrol them so they can have a big entrance at the NFFS 2015!

The heart and the crown – Trailer
Marcel Vossen, Harmonie Ohé en laak

Year of production: 2015
Running Time: 20 min
Color / Music / Period piece / Dutch

Story of Josina van Walburgis. She was princess abdis when she fell in love with Count Frederik. Unable to marry due to her duty to the Catholic church she sneaked out with her love and got married in secret with him. When her father found out he was furious and kidnaped her and locked her up in their castle. After two long years Count Frederik maneged to break her out by tricking the guard. They lived happily ever after in the castle of Walburgis