2001, age 4

Family and basic education
I was born Polly Maria Elisabeth Bouten on the 6th of April in 1997 in my home village of Thorn (The Netherlands).
I was raised by my loving parents Paul Bouten and Sonja Bouten. I also have a big little brother named Sonny. I went to primary and secondary school in Thorn.
When I was 6 years old my parents noticed that I was imitating people and playing dress up and pretend so they enroled me in the youth teaterschool in Roermond as a hobby.
When I went to middleschool I knew for sure that I wanted to pursue acting! I went to st.Ursula in Horn graduated Middle-school in 2013. I continued High-school and graduated in 2015.

Acting education
I did the theaterschool for children and youth at LuidZuid in Roermond from the age of 6 until I was 18. I was on the board of her home village’s theater group Applaus Thorn and I have played in many of their youth group plays. During high school I did the dutch actingschool prep year at Kumules in Maastricht.
After graduating high school I started the Diploma program; Performance arts in acting at the International academy of film and television Antwerp (IAFT). In July of 2016 the school closed and  I got my diploma.  From the 4th of August 2016 I started working as an entertainer at theme park Toverland in Sevenum.

2008, age 11

Film acting
I had my first film acting job when I was 14 for a student film called De Tent(2012). I was an extra on the set of Anatole(2012) and Glückauf(2015).
My first lead role was for the short music film The heart and the crown(2015) were I portrayed Josina van Walborgis. With that same director (Marcel Vossen) she played in a videoclip for dutch musicians Henk& Henk for their song Eenzaamheid. In October of 2016 I portrayed a monster in the horror short film Fester and I ran away from one in Black Woods (2017). I also starred as Leah in shortfilm Saar (2017)
Via IAFT and students from other film schools I got the chance to play in their short films: La Mécontente(2015), Fairycake(2015), Artistic Dictatorship(2016), Prima Ballerina(2016),The statue(2016), A Different world(2016) and Selfie Queen(2016).